Trundle Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Need to sleep three? Want an extra bed for sleepovers? Read on.

Bunk beds are a great way to maximize floor space in a small room. If you need even more sleeping space, look no further than the trundle bunk bed. The trundle bed keeps the third bed out of sight when it’s not in use and easily slides out when you need it. Just throw on a pillow and blanket and the bed is ready to go.

A bunk bed with a trundle bed offers families the flexibility and space they need. Discover how to find the right trundle bunk bed for your children in this buying guide.

Who would benefit from a trundle bunk bed?

Children sharing small rooms

Two children sharing a room can be challenging. For three or four? It seems nearly impossible. That’s one of the things that make the trundle bunk bed so great. If you need to fit more beds into one room, a bunk bed with a trundle provides the sleeping space you need without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Sleepovers and guests

If you need an extra bed for the occasional sleepover or guest, trundle bunk beds are an ideal solution. Having a third bed which slides out from under the bottom bunk gives you sleeping space when you need it and conveniently tucks away when you don’t.

What size of trundle bunk bed is right for your children?

When you’re looking to get a trundle bunk bed for your children’s room, space availability, your child’s style, and your unique family needs will help you determine which type of bed you should get. The three most common sizes are twin over twin with a twin trundle and full over full with a twin trundle.

Twin over Twin with a Twin Trundle

The twin over twin bunk bed with a twin trundle is the most common type of trundle bunk bed and will take up the least amount of room. It is typically the most affordable choice and is a perfect starter bunk. This is type of bed can comfortably sleep three young children, but older children and teenagers may feel cramped.

Twin over Full with a Twin Trundle


The twin over full bunk bed with a twin trundle is a great option if you need a little more sleeping space than the twin over twin provides. It can easily accommodate an older child and two younger children, or four younger children. Although this bed does take up more floor space, it provides more flexibility and sleeping space.

Full over Full with a Twin Trundle


The full over full bunk bed with a twin trundle is an ideal choice when you need the most sleeping space. Although this option takes up more square footage and is more expensive, it’s a bed that will grow with your children and provide the greatest long-term value.

Is the bed made from high-quality materials?

Materials can make or break a bed. For the highest-quality, look for solid wood beds. At Planet Bunk Bed, all of our beds are 100% solid wood made from renewable resources. Our bunk beds with a trundle are on a slat roll foundation and have an extra sturdy center rail support system to keep your children safe and protect your investment.

Final trundle bunk bed buying considerations

Bunk beds with a trundle are a great way to comfortably sleep more children in a smaller space. A high-quality bed will provide the most long-term value and ensure your children sleep peacefully.