Does the Camaflexi bed require assembly?

Assembly is required for Camaflexi Beds. Step by step assembly instructions are included with the product.

What is the Camaflexi bed and bunk bed product care?

The Camaflexi Bed cleans easily with a damp cloth. A multi-step and child safe finish, protects the bed and complements the room's decor. Camaflexi beds are built to last!

Can the Camaflexi bunk bed be separated into two beds?

All Camaflexi Bunk Beds can be separated into two beds. Flexibility is what we are all about! As your children grow the Camaflexi Bunk Bed can be converted into two beds.

    Does the Camaflexi bed require a bunkie board?

    No extra bunkie board is required for Camaflexi Beds to support the mattress. Featuring a slat roll foundation and a center support rail, Camaflexi beds are strong and durable.

    Is the ladder interchangeable between the right and left side of the Camaflexi bunk and loft bed?

    Ladders on Camaflexi Loft Beds and Bunk Beds are interchangeable between the right and left side of the bed. Flexibility is what Camaflexi is all about! Depending on the room's layout the ladder can be arranged on either side of the bed.