Loft Bed with Desk Buying Guide

Looking for a loft bed with a workstation? Here's what you need to know.

Loft beds with desks are a great option for your kid’s bedroom, especially if you are tight on space. Choosing a loft bed with a desk is an ideal way to free up floor space and give your child more room for studying, storage, and playing.

Who would benefit from a loft bed with a desk?

Young children with small rooms

Desks allow young children a place to draw, color, and begin to gain independence. While small rooms work great for young children, finding space for a desk can be challenging. A loft bed not only provides space for a desk, it also adds an element of fun to the room.

Teenagers with too much stuff

If your teen’s room is starting to feel cramped, consider getting a loft bed with a desk. This type of bed gives them their own private space for studying and homework without having to give up valuable square footage.

College students and young adults

Do you need somewhere for your son or daughter to sleep when they return home to visit? Or a college grad moving back in for a while? Loft beds with desks are a nice way to accommodate your child allowing them to sleep in comfort, get some studying or work done, and have the space to relax and feel at home.

How much space are you willing to sacrifice?

Desks are a great feature to have, but often it means sacrificing the space underneath the bed. If you really looking to maximize space, loft beds with a hideaway desk give you the best of both worlds.

Unlike traditional loft beds with desks underneath the bed, retractable desks don’t take up valuable floor space providing space for additional storage. The unique retractable desks on our loft beds attach directly to the frame and feature an easy glide track system so the desk effortlessly slides in and out.

What type of ladder works best?

There are two basic types of ladders to consider when purchasing a loft bed with a desk: The standard angled ladder and a lateral angled ladder. Both types of ladders featured on Planet Bunk Bed loft beds have grooved steps on the ladder for maximum safety and comfort. The deciding factor on which type of ladder you should look for comes down to space availability.

Standard ladder

The standard ladder attaches to the front of the bed.


Lateral ladder

The lateral ladder attaches to the side of the bed.

Is the bed made from high-quality materials?

When you are looking for a loft bed with a desk, it’s important to learn about the materials. A quality bed and desk can last years. One of the best things about Planet Bunk Bed is that all of our beds and desks are made of 100% solid wood from renewable plantations so they will stand the test of time.

Final loft bed with desk buying considerations

Loft beds with desks are a smart way to maximize space and give your child the independence they need. Whether you have a young child who needs more floor space to play or an older child with an already cramped room, retractable desks provide the flexibility your child needs.

Check out our top-quality loft beds with desks for your child’s room.