Loft and Bunk Beds with Storage Buying Guide

Learn how to maximize your floor space with beds that combine sleep and storage!

When you are low on space, loft beds and bunk beds with under-the-bed storage are a smart way to keep everything organized. From dressers to pull out drawers, there’s an option for every family. Discover the possibilities in this loft bed and bunk bed with storage buying guide.

What type of bed do you need?

Before looking at storage solutions, consider whether your family needs a bunk bed or a loft bed. Both are great options, but floor space can be a problem if you need to accommodate more than one child. Be sure to take measurements before buying a bunk or loft bed.

If you have the floor space, putting two low loft beds side-by-side will provide each child with their own personal space and provide more storage. Bunk beds on the other hand, optimize space small bedrooms, but there will be less storage available.

No matter which type of bed you decide to go for, make sure to leave at least two feet of space between the top of the bunk bed and your ceiling.

How much storage do you need?

The storage features on Planet Bunk Bed’s loft beds and bunk beds provide convenient ways to make the most of your space.

Bunk Beds with Under-the-Bed Drawers

When you need to maximize sleeping space and storage for your children, bunk beds with pull out drawers are the way to go. Although the storage space is the same, ladder styles are important.

There are two types of ladder to consider: The end and the front ladder. Both are wide step ladders and safety guard rails are interchangeable so you can position the ladder where you need it.

End Ladder

In this set up, the ladder is attached to the end of the bed as opposed to the front. This provides better access to the lower bunk, and is easier for children to use.

Front Ladder

With the front ladder set up, the ladder is attached to the front of the bed. This type of ladder is perfect when space near the end of the bed is tight, but it does create a minor limitation in accessing the bottom bunk.

Is the bed made from high-quality materials?

Storage is important, and so is quality. With our 100% solid wood beds, dressers, and drawers made from renewable plantations, your investment will stand the test of time.

Final bunk bed and loft bed with storage considerations

The flexible storage options that bunk beds and loft beds offer will help you optimize small rooms. Whether you choose a bunk bed with under-the-bed drawers or a loft bed with a dresser, you’ll be able to conveniently keep everything organized and out of sight.